Friday, March 29, 2013

Bad Things That Happen To Good Kids in Braselton...

I've told you a lot so far about how martial arts in Flowery Branch is about much more than self-defense.

But as a parent, that's probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think martial arts. And rightfully so.

We have a pre-conceived notion from pop-culture and the movies that martial arts is all about learning how to be a lethal fighter.

What it's really about is being mentally and physically tough...

Flowery Branch Karate Classes

Martial artists are taught from day 1 that the ONLY place for fighting is when there's no other option.

If a highly skilled black belt fighter is held at knife-point in a dark alley and told to hand over his money, he's going hand over his money as opposed to fighting the mugger.

Because while he probably has a decent chance of overtaking the attacker, he knows that the safest path is probably just cooperating.

Let's translate that into a scenario Braselton kids are likely to run into...

Let's say a child gets into an argument at school. And he ends up being challenged to a fight on the playground.

A kid with low self-esteem is probably going to fight because he has something to prove.

A kid who lacks self-discipline is going to fight because it's easier than taking the high road.

But a kid with martial arts training is probably going to play it smart. They'll try to resolve the conflict without violence.

And maybe even more important, they're less prone to being picked on anyway because they're confident, they aren't afraid to defend themselves. That actually makes kids less likely to act aggressively towards them.

Martial arts, without a doubt, teaches you how to be tough.

And that means tough enough to handle a conflict peacefully without turning to fighting.

It means being tough enough to not make yourself a target in the first place.

And it means being confident enough to not live in fear of situations like that, because you have the confidence to overcome them.

There are many lessons martial arts can teach that last a lifetime.

And the best part is, your child can get the first karate lesson absolutely free. Simply give us a call at 770-967-1700, ask any questions you may have, and we'll get you scheduled for a free Martial Arts Class.

At the very least, try it out, and see how your child likes it.

Your child may find an exciting and healthy hobby that lasts a lifetime.


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