Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lessons Kids Don't Learn In School...

Everyday parents in Flowery Branch and Braselton send kids off to school to prepare them for life as an adult.

But, there are some VERY important life lessons that simply can't be taught to Braselton kids in the classroom. For example...

Focus and concentration... Just because you tell a child to sit down and "focus" doesn't mean they can do it. 
Schools are noisy and full of distractions making it tough for anyone, much less a child, to sit down and actually focus.

So how can you teach focus and concentration?

I personally don't know of a better way than martial arts.

When a Flowery Branch student is learning a new technique or training for their next belt, there's a level of intensity and focus in their eyes that I've never seen elsewhere.

Flowery Branch KarateAnd when they make a breakthrough and achieve a new goal, the confidence and self-discipline that instills is something I firmly believe can't be taught in a classroom setting.

It's a completely different approach to learning...

And although it's physical and challenging, students in Braselton Karate Schools learn much more from martial arts than how to simply throw kicks and punches...

They learn that if they work hard enough they can accomplish anything...

They learn that with enough self-discipline and focus that seemingly impossible goals can be conquered with relative ease...

They learn the true meaning of camaraderie. They learn how to persevere when life becomes challenging. 

They learn that they're capable of so much more than they originally thought...

All VERY important life lessons. All very difficult to teach in a classroom.

If you want to see the critical life lessons martial arts can teach your child first hand, simply give us a call at 770-967-1700.

We're happy to answer your questions, and there's no pressure or obligation to join, it's simply a great way to see if martial arts is a good fit for you and your child.


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