Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Childs Best Bully Defense...

Flowery Branch Bully Defense

Here's a scary situation many children in Flowery Branch will have to deal with when growing up...

A bully corners them in Braselton and threatens or even attempts physical violence.

It's scary, because kids don't have a lot of options...

They could tell a teacher... The bully may get scolded, but he'll be back to scare his victim, and the child that told the teacher will forever be labeled a "tattle tale"...

The child could tell their parents... But it's usually AFTER the incident, and as parents we can't be around our children 24 hours a day to protect them.

The child could turn to another adult... And who knows what kind of advice they'll get, it could be "you have to stand up for yourself", encouraging conflict.

So what's the answer?

To understand it, you first need to understand how a bully thinks.

Bully's are predatory. They don't go looking for a fair fight. They pick on the kids who let them get away with it. They're looking for easy targets.

The best way to defend against a bully is to simply not be an easy target.

Martial arts gives children the confidence to know they can defend themselves, and the discipline to know that fighting should ONLY be used as a last resort...

Confidence is a funny thing though. Once children gain confidence, they walk with their heads a little higher, and people can tell they're confident in themselves...

Bullies can tell too. And the last thing a bully wants to do is to pick on a victim who's capable of defending themselves, or even worse, making the bully look like the loser.

This allows a child to completely disarm a bully without so much as raising a hand or even speaking a word.

Stopping a bully is only one of thousands of positive changes that martial arts can bring into a child's life. To see some of these changes first hand, I'm inviting you to take a free Karate lesson in Braselton on us.

Even if you decide it's not right for your child, it's a positive experience, and there's no pressure or obligation to stay.


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