Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Student

A student's story which is like most of our own. Accept this student was not a student till  a ripe age of forty-three. She decided to try martial arts class after returning from a visit to her sister. What made her do this, well she went to her nephew's green belt test. To see the students stand at attention and the respectful yes sirs and no sirs was great. To hear how much he has improved in school and she could see around the house all the things he would do without a roll of the eyes or stomping of the feet. She was very impressed by all the students, but she noticed an elderly woman with a orange belt on the mat assisting. She asked  her sister did she knew the woman. Her answer was yes she started about 4 months ago and was getting into the leadership program they have at the school. To see the woman helped solidify the words of its for everyone not just kids. Her sister introduced her to the Instructor that answered  all her questions of "can I do this". At the age of forty-six almost forty-seven this young lady acquired her black belt in the discipline she chose. The never to old or never to young is definite in learning martial arts, all you need is the never give up attitude.