Friday, December 20, 2013

New Years Resolution
Every new year we come up with a goal a resolution to change, stop, omit, or commit. I would say a large number of people say "this is the year I lose weight," or "this is the year I get fit and eat better."  To be successful you must have a specific goal. So your goal should sound like "I want to lose 50 pounds" or "I will exercise every day for 45 minutes". This will keep it real for you so it won't feel like it is an unrealistic goal or a dream goal that you won't ever reach or accomplish.
We all have good intentions to get things done and make a change for the better, but some of us lack the drive or have the support structure to reach our goals. Do not procrastinate! When you need to complete a task or something on a "To Do" list make it a To Done list! That should be one of your New Years Resolutions. Make it specific "I will respond to an email the minute I open it" or "I will start a project the day I get assigned to do it" or " the gym or program I just started I will follow through and go daily". This will help you reach your goals, with anything in life especially the very difficult task of losing weight.
So many people join a gym and go for the first month 1 to 2 days a week, if that. Excuses begin to invade our minds and sabotage our goals. You begin to have time issues, family commitments, or I'm just to tired I will go tomorrow syndrome. Tomorrow then turns to next week then that becomes next month and before you know it you are back to the next New Year making the same resolution you made last year saying this year I am going to lose a few pounds or diet and stick to it.  These are the people that lack that specific goal to be able to be successful. One must make the decision to work out or eat better and do it daily period.
Another idea to help you reach your goals is to invite a friend with similar goals then help each other reach them. Hold them to their commitment because they will hold you to yours!
This may be hard to hear because no one wants to be told they don't do it right. You must get past that and focus on your goals. That is what is important.
Because having a support system around you keeps the motivation to reach the goal you set for yourself. Cardio-kickboxing is a fun way to lose weight, get fit and helps to reduce stress. You will be amazed how fun and easy it is to just show up and have fun. The best days to come are the days you've had a bad day, you get to take out all the stress from the day on the bag and leave it on the mat! You go home happy and foget all that stress yo begin to live a happier and healthier life because you are reaching your goals!
Having a group around you with similar goals definitely helps the motivation, focus and drive. People helping each other to stay on track push each other to do well increases the chance that this is the year your
New Years Resolution will be a success.

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Make A Change

Stuck in the same ole thing, People tend to get stuck in the same routine, They go to work, come home , eat whatever is quick, lay down and watch TV then get up and do the same thing all over again. They ask themselves why my joints ache so much. Why do I have to take all these pills? Then they come back with all these excuses, no time, stress at work, too old, too out of shape. You cannot change anything by just sitting on the couch and watching TV.  You must get moving. Change is never an easy thing and comment seems even harder. The key is to just start. Start small, walk, once or twice a week and then build up to something  like kickboxing classes. The pain and aches in your body is your body telling you that you are destroying it with the wrong fuel, the old saying is true you are what you eat. You are also what you do about it, if you think you are too tired to start exercises then you are wrong. Exercising pumps you up and more and more will give you more energy.  However exercise should not be the only change, changing your eating habits is crucial to getting healthy and fit. Allow yourself to have small changes at first like stopping sodas, then breads, chips, and sweets. Treat yourself one day a week, and starting off have that one thing you crave like chips or sweets however just have a palm full of chips or one piece of chocolate I know what I am saying may be sound nuts but trust me once your body is detoxed from all the bad foods it will crave the healthy foods. Think of it like your body is a gasoline car. If you put diesel fuel in the gas tank instead of regular gasoline what happens is it tears up your car and you have to spend money to fix it. Well the same thing applies to your body. You put lots of grease, fat, bad carbohydrates’ and sugars in your body it in a way breaks it then you have to spend money on medicine to try to fix it. Ask yourself what you would rather have to do, spend lots of money on medicine that may or may not work, or change your outlook, change your behavior, start exercises, start eating right. I know that once you start treating your body right then your body will start acting right. Your body will slow get fit and tone but more important it will give you more energy, less pain, more ability to spend time with friends, family, and even grandchildren. Stop tearing up your body, stop putting the wrong fuel in your body and exercise get fit. It’s never too late to make that change. Get up and get moving.
My own children can’t keep up with me now. It can be difficult to start alone but in reality you’re not alone there is care and support from everyone around you trying to achieve the same goals.