Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Martial Arts Classes in Braselton GA - Working for a better Future in Flowery Branch!

Ever wonder what we can do to improve our society and at the same time improve our mental and physical health?  Martial Arts classes in Braselton GA may the answer you have been searching for!  

Martial Arts is a great way to work on improving your fitness, relieving stress, developing self-discipline, gaining confidence and improving your respect for yourself and others.  At the same time you will be learning how to be a leader in your community and among your peers and participating in an activity that will benefit our whole community!  Martial Arts is great for kids and adults both, and is an excellent family activity.  Everyone will have a lot of fun and enjoy learning a martial art that will benefit them in every aspect of their lives :)

Kids Karate – Kids Martial Arts Classes in Braselton GA are a great way to develop any child into a leader.  They will learn to be respectful, have self-discipline and humility.  On top of all these awesome thing your children will learn, classes will be so much FUN that they will be begging you to come back every day!  The Martial Arts Instructors are professionals with years of experience teaching karate and developing their students into Black Belt Martial Artists.

Adult Martial Arts – Adults can benefit tremendously from HapKiDo Karate as well!  Martial Arts Classes in Braselton GA are a great way for adults to have an outlet for stress, get into the best shape of their lives and gain the confidence to succeed in work and in life!  Classes are filled with adults that come to the Martial Arts School to learn, grow and improve, and it is a great community of people working together for the benefit of everyone else there.  

We serve the Community – With our Martial Arts Classes in Braselton GA we are striving to change the world, one Black Belt at a time.  We provide a fun and exciting atmosphere where people come to help each other learn martial arts, and develop the character traits that will lead to a life with healthy friendships and relationships, success career and a fulfilling life.

Martial Arts Classes in Braselton GA
Martial Art Classes in Braselton GA are going to introduce you to a new world that you never could have imagined.  If you are a parent wanting to enroll you child in Kids Karate Classes you can expect improved grades, more respect shown to you and others, and a child who enjoys going to participate in an activity where they learn all these things.  If you are an adult looking to enroll in our Martial Arts classes you will find that Choe’s HapKiDo teaches practical self defense that can save your life if needed, we will show you how to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally.  On top of that everyone will be welcomed into the HapKiDo Community, and you will truly find that you did not just join a Martial Arts Class, but you became a part of our Family.

We look forward to meeting you in person soon

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Martial Arts not an entitlement sport.

 Encouragement for a child to do well is awesome, but leading them to believe everyone is the same becomes a harsh reality later in life. This everyone is a winner attitude is not good for the reality of  life. Can you really go to a job sit around and expect to receive the same pay as the guy doing the job and putting in the effort to get it done. No that does not happen. To believe in oneself and having self confidence is awesome to think you are entitled to things will not get you far in life. Martial artists have earned their ranks, (belts) in the respective discipline they have taken. Martial arts teaches you that failure is a learning experience to make oneself better. Martial arts helps you to face challenges and do your best to over come and move on. From the first day you step out on the mat you will see the Instructor help you as well as the other students to try and be our best. The words "I can't" is not an option you try you mess up you try again. The Instructor helps you to refine the technique but you are the one doing the technique, not a team or a group where you can watch the action and they give you a trophy for just showing up. To be our best we need to try our best, and martial arts helps that attitude, to nurture it into self-confidence which brings on the "I can do this!
Students of martial arts learn through encouragement and repetition, these 2 things create discipline. It is through discipline that one can become a better person. Martial arts teaches the whole person not just the physical body, but you improve your mind and character as well. To criticize instead of encourage breeds discontent and sabotages success. Once students experience class and become dedicated the changes they see are incredible; they become more confident, disciplined, physically fit and more well spoken.  One wouldn't think that a physical exercise could better a person intellectually. It is through trying and failing and trying again and that keep going attitude that forms the mind. Through these exercises students clear out all the bad thoughts and clutter in their brain!