Monday, August 5, 2013

50 Things I like about HapKiDo.

I asked a student to give me 50 things they liked about HapKiDo within 10 minutes they came back with this list that I would like to share:
  1. meet new people
  2. make a lot of friends
  3. learn how to react in dangerous situations
  4. learn how to defend myself
  5. receive self confidence
  6. learn to be healthier
  7. others have confidence in me 
  8. receive belts that look and feel cool
  9. become more agile
  10. become more flexible
  11. become stronger
  12. become faster
  13. receive good life lessons
  14. receive great philosophical advice
  15. receive responsiblities
  16. learn respect for my elders
  17. receive respect from others
  18. others believe in my abilities
  19. I now believe in my abilities
  20. it helped improve my school work
  21. giving me a sense of responsibility
  22. I like the games in class
  23. I like the activity in class
  24. I like how it made me a better person overall
  25. it taught me how to treat others better
  26. it improved my everyday life
  27. it affected my view of the world
  28. it opened up a whole world for me
  29. I like weapons class
  30. I like sparring class
  31. I like kids class
  32. I like family class
  33. I like demo class
  34. I like junior instructor class
  35. I like black belt class
  36. I like how I get to learn a whole different language
  37. I like grappling class
  38. I like earning trophies from tournaments
  39. I like breaking boards
  40. I liked the skiing trip where I learned how to snowboard
  41. I like how we got to treavel out of state
  42. I like the tournaments/competing
  43. watching black belt tests
  44. I like to watch all belts tests
  45. I like to black belt spar
  46. I like to watch black belt sparing
  47. I like to free style spar
  48. I like to watch free style sparing
  49. I like to learn pressure points
  50. I like to go the tournament and black belt dinner