Thursday, February 13, 2014

Intense Workout Lawrenceville GA

Intense Workout Lawrenceville, GA

Mixing up routines in kickboxing class is great

Ever get bored of your workout? Do you find yourself doing the same exercises often and not getting the results you want? The awesome thing about kickboxing is the diversity of movements in every routine. The key is to focus on different muscle groups in your body to get that full workout you need to look and feel great. It is so important to change things up when you exercise, not only to make sure you get a well rounded workout but also to have some fun and keep things interesting!

Spending too much time on your core or too much time working the same muscle groups gets tiring and your body doesn't have the chance to develop evenly. Shake it up and change it up-all the time!

The awesome part of our workouts here is that your body never get used to the same ole' workouts or plateaus... Your body keeps getting new exercises and never gets used to the same routine. This is what provides the awesome results that we garantee! Each class students burn an average of 800 calories! This is unheard of! Even students who have been taking classes for months still continue to see surprising positive results!

Another great part of our program is that we offer meal and nutrition guides, to help you maximize your results... Happy training, and good luck finding those results you haven't been able to find anywhere else :)