Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Awareness" defense for the ages.

The definition of  aware is the knowing of something that exists. Another definition is feeling or noticing something, such as sound, or a sensation also known as a feeling. The one definition of aware is understanding a lot about what is happening in the world or what is around you. Amazing how technology is today the smart phones, the smart T.V.'s, GPS with video players in the cars and who knows what looms on the horizon. With all this awesome tech we now find quite a few people on the roads driving sending text messages as opposed to driving their car. Kids on their smart phone or tablets communicating without physical interaction at home. Many people walking the streets focused in on their own world of messaging, internet Google searches, or just phone conversation totally oblivious to their surroundings. Lately due to the usage of the smart phones and tech people have been injured more so and even died via car accidents and so on, not saying that technology is bad or the smart phones are the reason for this. There is a saying, "do not blame the machine blame the operator."  It used to be around Christmas time and holiday shopping that the bad seeds came out. Now this new blindness has made many people targets for thieves, muggers, and others with very bad intentions.There is a new game or maybe an old one but has more light shed on it where people unaware of their surroundings get punched or beaten. Through Martial Arts we are taught to focus and be aware of our surroundings. This awareness is a great defense from being attacked. It's not something that will stop the attackers but it gives you a presence not to look like a victim. You are not an open invitation for the bad seeds to plant themselves in your area. Martial arts gives you the ability to focus and walk with a purpose but not blind to your environment. You are not walking blindly into the street but have a direction and people looking to victimize you sees this and are aware themselves that you are not a victim or an easy target. This awareness is an awesome defense against bullying in schools. They to look to victimize the person with their heads down, not the ones with their heads held high aware of their surroundings walking with a purpose. Learning to be focused and aware helps with your self confidence another defense against the bullies in the world. What bully wants to go against a confident individual when most bullies are not confident themselves. Bullies seek out the less confident individuals to boost their low self esteem by picking on a weaker individual. Don't focus on your techno gadget and keep your head up and be aware.