Thursday, June 12, 2014

Healthy diet

Hello, my name is Laura Brownlee, instructor.  I want to talk to you today about a healthy diet to partner alongside your awesome workouts!

It’s no secret that your diet is just as, if not more important, as your physical activity. As the old adage goes “you are what you eat”!

For most men and women, you should be consuming about 2,500 to 1,800 calories a day and certainly never less than 1,200 a day. Of course consult your doctor before changing your diet drastically. What you should aim for in your diet (or should I say lifestyle change) is 30% protein, 40% fat and 30% complex carbs.

What are complex carbs you ask? They are carbs that provide fiber and other vitamins and nutrients, such as whole grains, starchy vegetables and beans along with carbohydrates. Choose your fruit based on the complex carb criteria.  A list of good options for fruit and vegatables are..... blueberries, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, kidney beans, chickpeas and white beans.

Foods high in good fats are almonds, cashews, salmon, trout, avocado, olive oil and chia seeds.

Foods high in protein are turkey, chicken breast, tuna, salmon; pork chops low fat cottage cheese, low fat swiss, parmesan, eggs, yogurt, and skim milk.

Also remember to drink plenty of water and green tea. Both are excellent in aiding in your diet and exercise plan.

They key is finding what works for you, so that you can maintain the lifestyle change you have committed to, otherwise it’s just going to be another “diet” that has failed!

You don’t want to be good for a month or two and then go right back to your old eating habits. Treat yourself occasionally so you don’t feel deprived, but focusing always on your goals at hand.