Friday, April 26, 2013

Basics of Respect in Martial Arts and Beyond

Basics of Respect in Martial Arts and Beyond

Whenever you begin training in martial arts in Flowery Branch such as Karate, you will immediately notice the expressions of respect that are given and received by everyone on the mat. The bow is the only a part of the overall respect that is given to the practice, the instructor, your peers, and yourself. This simple action helps to signify gratitude, acknowledgment , giving respect as well as receiving it. Learning to respect those with greater expertise can also be translated to other aspects of you or your children’s lives, beyond your martial arts training. Training in martial arts such as Flowery Branch Kids Karate, will help develop these facets of respect and help to improve all areas for the rest of your life.

Emphasizing Respect

As a way to learn respect for everyone including yourself, martial arts such as Karate, are a fun way to be active and learn great core values that will benefit you forever. Beyond the punching and kicking techniques of Karate there is the deep understanding of respect for the instructor, your peers, and yourself, that will allow you to navigate previously difficult situations with ease. Your children will gain the knowledge of how to defend themselves, through kids Karate, while still maintaining a healthy respect to avoid conflict.

Respect over Aggression

Although martial arts, such as HapKiDo Kids Karate, do teach techniques for attack and self defense, the emphasis is on respect and balance rather than aggressiveness. The children or students of the martial arts learn how to deal with confrontation with respect and try to diffuse the situation in a non-violent manner. The ultimate goal for training any martial arts, especially HapKiDo Karate, is to master self-discipline and respect so that you know that you have nothing to prove by engaging in the conformation with the other person.

Learning respect through martial arts helps to make you or your children more considerate of your community and the people around you on a daily basis. When you have the ability to defend yourself and all of the self-discipline to continue the martial arts training in Karate, the respect comes as second nature for the rest of your life. If you are interested in learning more or want to try a kids Karate or adult Karate class you can go to Choe's HapKiDo Karate in Flowery Branch or Braselton, Georgia, or search your local martial arts facilities if you are not in this area.

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