Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A students perspective of "Why I Like HapKiDo"

A while back I asked students to give me 50 reasons why they liked HapKiDo and I put the list of one student up for everyone to see. The students came up with all 50 with no problem a lot of them was same thing over and over. You may think this as a bad sign but to me it means that what they are learning is important to them as students and or as parents of students. One of many reasons that stood out was the "Respect". Not only is the respect shown from student to student and to instructors but the respect given back from student to student.  Many students mentioned learning how to kick different ways and punch. Another popular reason was self defense, some say that doing the techniques made them feel good about themselves. Others liked self  defense because it made them feel safer in this community, something that helps in schools not to be bullied. Holding your head up showing confidence is a great bully buster, no one likes to go after the self confident one they go after the timid person who keeps their head low hoping not to be seen. Another very popular reason was making and meeting new friends. The feeling of community and family fell into this category and that too helps with the confidence and respect leading to anti-bully situations.